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May 2018


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RTP Buy America Waiver


In case you did not hear, there was a waiver notification announced and published by the Federal Highway Administration in  April-when the snowmobilers were in Washington DC for the Fly-In.


As you’ll see, this addresses products/projects with waivers filed through December, 2016 (Obama administration). These waivers will be reconsidered if the products were assembled in the US.


DC Fly-In

Why do Snowmobilers have the great trail system and access that we enjoy? Because representatives from 16 different snow states took time from their jobs and families to be in Washington, DC to meet with Partners, Agency Leadership, Congressmen and Senators on April 15th—17th.

The snowmobilers took the “Positive Snowmobile Message” to their meetings to be sure everyone knew what Snowmobiling is and how much Snowmobilers contribute to the economy and to ensure we have continued access to ride and enjoy our sport!


Outdoor Recreation Economic Impact

Did you know that Outdoor Recreation is 2% of GDP — and growing faster than the economy?It is larger than Agriculture and Forestry.The Bureau of Economic Analysis states that Motorized Vehicles account for $59.4 Billion.  Snowmobiling was not broken out in the preliminary report, though we’ve asked them to consider breaking us out in the future  The final report from the is expected this here:


Forest Service

We heard from the Acting Chief, Vickie Christiansen and the importance of connecting people to the natural resources.Among their priorities are making the Forest Service a safe workplace, promoting shared stewardship through partnership and being good neighborscustomer service, economic generator, recreation and providing watershed to over 40% of the country.

We also heard from the Acting Under Secretary of Natural Resources and Environment, Dan Jiron.Last year over 56% of the Forest Service budget was used in Fire Management.  Thinning of forests remains a priority, as does the Regulatory Reform that aims to streamline many processes.  Under Secretary Jiron also announced that a permanent Under Secretary was  nominated that morning, Jim Hubbard.That nomination will begin to work it’s way through the confirmation process.


Congressman Liz Cheney and Senator Daines

The Congressman and the Senator’s office briefed us on their efforts concerning Wilderness Study Areas and their legislation to review and release those lands after decades of being in the WSA.have asked that we contact our legislators and ask them to support this legislation—check with your state association representative for specific contact info! For more info on their stances:  Please visit Senator Daines and Congressman Cheney’s Websites (linked!)


Department of Interior

We were happy to have Ben Cassidy join us at the Fly-In. He discussed the BLM actions on release of WSAs.He also discussed Reforming the Endangered Species Act.Also discussed were Fish and Wildlife Service lands – and the use of those lands.  All of these topics have an impact on snowmobiling.


Recreational Trails

Program (RTP)

The Coalition for Recreational Trails has been working on draft legislation to obtain more than the 30% of federal gas taxes that we are currently receiving.The program is now 26 years old – and we feel we have been donors long enough! More info:

RTP Council of Advisors:will be very helpful if we have State Associations, Clubs and Businesses listed from each state as a supporter and Advisor to the RTP Council.If you have not signed up to be on the Council of Advisors or are unsure if you did, contact the ACSA office.



RTP in Today’s World -Webinar


June 5th—8:30 Eastern/7:30 Central/6:30 Mountain/5:30 Pacific

Registration info will be sent out once received by the ACSA office!


Wolverine Study

A brief update on the Winter Wildlands Alliance activities was presented.  It was also interesting to hear the latest on Wolverines and what to expect this fall with a decision is issues.   Based on the presentation, there is no evidence that snowmobiles have any effect on the Wolverine. See this site for more info:

DC Fly-In

Daryl, Stan and Jeff went to DC to help educate, fight and keep the love of snowmobiling alive. Here area few photos.