2018 State Convention-Lincoln

State Convention was held in Lincoln NE on Nov 30-Dec 2. Lots of laughs, games, and fantastic tours of Memorial Stadium and Robbers cave. The Annual meeting was informative and gave lots of new information on what is coming up.

A few key points:

State dues have changed from $15 to $20 (this is effective immediately, if you are paid up to a certain year, it will increase when that expires. Example, you are paid through 2020, in 2021 you will owe $20 for dues)

International Snowmobile Congress- June 5-8 2019 held in Grand Rapids, MI. The State is willing to pay $3000.00 to assist in members registration. For more information go to : http://www.snowmobilers.org/isc/ . ISC 2019 Registration

ISC 2021 will be held in Omaha, and will need all hands on deck. MI is close and will give a good idea of what is needed/expected.

ISC 2020 will be held in Regina Saskatchewan, NSSA will be in charge of the hospitality room in 2020, as we are hosting ISC in 2021.

If you have any questions please contact Stan.