WINTER 2019 Newsletter

Winter is in full swing, and many of us have been out riding (possibly even broken some parts if you’re like myself). So far, there has been 10 reported avalanches, 11 deaths have occurred in those 10 in the United States alone this year. Majority of locations are reporting above average snowfall, there have been some DEEP days that myself and many of you have been in already this winter, and our arrogance can get in the way at times. PLEASE, be safe this winter. Check the avalanche report every morning. Make sure your gear is in check (your knowledge should be considered part of your riding gear). Adjust your riding for the day accordingly to make sure you make it back to ride another day. Check out the newsletter attached for an update on the NSSA Members Ride in a few weeks, a link to where I look to storm chase, and a link to the avalanche forecast site. An updated club contact list is currently in the works.
Happy Sledding!-Matt Kracl, NSSA VPĀ